Friday, November 27, 2015

පරිභෝජනයේ සදාචාරය Appendix A: To the Church with appreciation for your commitment

Dear Church;

I found the following news article in BBC.

Pope's adviser urges Catholics to join climate marches

Since the subject is self explanatory I will not waste more for summary writing.

We appreciate your  commitment for environment. Considering that shit is just about to hit the ceiling it may perhaps not make much difference but we acknowledge it.

But let's look back where we started from. If you start from the far corner of the dark allies of human history and walk back to present day, you may first find that the wild animals called mankind lived in harmony with rest of the wild animals. Just like any other animal would do they went on building their dwellings (which we call civilization today) and consumed the world to an extent that it wasn't really destroying it but only changing. You will find most civilizations finding a very good balance to give and take with the nature  to the philosophical fact that they belonged to the nature itself.

First strike comes when your first form somewhere in Asia minor raised the hand and said that man does not belong to nature, but nature belongs to man. Well it went something like "first the ground animals then the birds of sky and fishes of oceans blah blah and all, they were all created FOR THE MAN"... to consume. Of course as they wish. We have written evidence for this, although you have hundred excuses.

If shit started hitting ceiling in this century, I'd call that this point as the moment one opened the toilet door and sat on the seat. YOU GAVE  a blank sheet for the ownership of whole world to the mankind signed by your god, whether or not that signature was man-made. That is the most arrogant and selfish statement made ever. That is the most stupid point of view ever perceived. The total misunderstanding of belonging. You preach that nature belongs to man where it is obviously vice versa.

Of course your obedient servants then conquered the world and destroyed anything which thought otherwise. Consumed nature in such a fashion that some species became extinct for being killed like a play item or shooting practice. Even today people hunt for fun fish for fun and so on.

Now you complain that life is not sustainable. Nature is destroyed, world is ending. What else would you expect?

Agree. Past is past. And you are now with us in same side, thinking that something has to be done, of course before the shit hits the ceiling and what not. But before we stand with you and walk down this ally, kindly please correct your original mistake.

As a commitment for sustainable future, will you, the church, accept that nature, animals trees and everything DOES NOT belong to man, but man just belong to it? Can you stop preaching this bullshit of "it was created for you" as despite whatever you say afterwards the obedient follower will just consume it? Can you admit the colossal mistake in your way of thinking? Can you tell your followers that it is time for them to change the perspective? And preach to the whole world to return to life styles that is in harmony with nature at least as much as possible?

Because there is nothing we can do as long as you teach more than half of the world that world is created for themselves. Otherwise marching streets with a book having such statements in your hands is perhaps the greatest oxymoron that we may have seen in our entire history.

Thank you.

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